Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon products

In order of application - #3

Following on from my last post, Preping for a night out? - My top 5 Avon products, it's haircare time!  The 2 items mentioned in previous posts (legs and tanning) were "day-before-the-do" tasks.  Hair is "evening-of-the-event".

I'm a hair straightener addict - I admit it!  I've often been referred to as Medusa because of my bed-head hair, so to me, my straightening iron is a must.  Before I even think of applying heat to my hair, the product I reach for is Avon's Heat Protection Styler.  This is a real smoothie, this styler seals in the cuticle and helps protect hair from styling damage. Spray it in before using stylers to leave hair smooth and shiny.

I never used to use heat defence sprays and I straighten my hair nearly everyday, my hair started breaking and the ends were very dry and frizzy.  My hairdresser told me it was because i wasn't using heat defence.  I tried several products, even big brand names but have found Avon's the best.

Not only does it work well with my hair but it smells gorgeous.  I use this heat protecting spray everyday before straighting my hair.  My hair looks and feels great.

Product number 17152 - Order yours today


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