Monday, June 27, 2011

Staying Positive: My "other" blog

Although I spend my time running around after 2 little boys, working throughout the week and managing my Avon business - I do love my time spent blogging and my media "socialising".  My Avon blog is beauty, budgets and buying based, but my other blog helps to keep my head straight.

It's called The Econ-Optimist.  It's tag line is, "In today's economy it's good to be informed but we don't need to be inundated by the "rec***ion" word. There is positivity out there - Are you an Econ-Optimist?"

I'll tell you my story........

When the Irish recession was coming to it's peak, the constant conversation in our home was about daily redundancies and job losses around Ireland.  Every evening was a family dinner of negativity and bad news.  I had enough!  It couldn't be all bad news.  There had to be something positive happening out there.  I was going to find it!  The Econ-Optimist was born.

In October 2008 I published my first post and it grew from there.  Ireland is creating jobs every day of the week but it isn't talked about.  The Econ-Optimist is a blog which only publishing good economic news about job creation.  To this date in 2011, the blog is still strong.

Since 2008, my husband has lost his job and since then started his own business.  In 2009 I was expecting my second child and while my husband was unemployed - The Econ-Optimist kept my mindset on the right road and helped me to stay focused on the positivity and possibility of Ireland.  The only person that can ensure the positive road is walked, is the person themself.

The Econ-Optimist has been featured on the 2FM Ryan Tubridy show - it has been published in the Business & Finance Magazine (Article entitled: O for Optimisim) and has a fan in Sinead Desmond of Ireland AM.

Follow The Econ-Optimist ( ) today and keep positive Ireland alive.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can't Resist Colordisiac

A big up to the girls of Viva Adonis, who have just published a review entitled "Dee's Monthly-ish Favourites".  In their blog post they talk about Avon's Can't Resist Coral in the Coloridisiac range as being one of their favourites.  In their own words:

"The lipstick on its own is amazing too - the finish is almost identical to that of a MAC Lustre"

You can rely on Avon for having beauty on a budget. The more expensive brand doesn't always have to be better.

To read more from Viva Adonis and their beauty tips and advise you can visit their blog on


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Avon Art

OK - I think I've officially spent too much time with my children.  Thats a good thing!  I have a number of old boxes lying around the house so instead of throwing them out I decided to put my green hat on and recycle them.

I sat with a few old Avon brochures and a tube of Prit-Stick, and off I went.  There were moments when my living room looked like a screen from Edward Scissor Hands.  Papers flying high in the hair, my hands cutting and tears pages - Then voila - My piece of Art.

I covered one of the old boxes with old Avon brochure pages and cut a hole in the lid of the box.  This is now an Avon order form box.  I'm going to be using this for collecting orders in a local business facility.  All orders received in the box will be included for a weekly campaign raffle.  I'm chuffed with my creation.  My green finger print is stamped on both Avon and I for another while.

Right..................where did I leave the lollipop sticks?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Barbie loves Avon

Definitely a girl who knows her fashion, style, colours and trends is Barbie.  As all successful celebrities do, she has changed her brand to walk in line with the moving trends of time.

Barbie will now be walking hand-in-hand with Avon through a new two year deal.  A specially developed 'Barbie Loves Avon' line - featuring a collection of beauty and lifestyle products such as lipgloss, haircare, sunglasses and handbags - has launched in Avon brochures, while it will also appear online.

"As the world's biggest direct seller and a leading brand in beauty, we're pleased to launch this partnership with Mattel, and take this fantastic new 'Barbie Loves Avon' range to our customers," said Andre Baradat, Avon's VP brand marketing, EMEA.