Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon products

In order of application - #2

Following on from my last post in Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon Products, the next step you must take before your night out is to "Tan-it-up".

This is definitely an Avon product that takes an important place on my shelf.  It's Avons' Skin so Soft Ultimate Body Moisturiser with SPF 15.  It is a gradual tanning body lotion which gives a natural sunkissed glow whilst protecting your skin from sun’s harmful rays. It's your summer in a bottle.

I love this product so much and I've used it for years without once turning orange.  If you apply this correctly it will NOT streak.  I use the shade for MEDIUM skin tones.  Having a tan and soft skin is great.  I would choose this brand over the other brands available in stores today.

One pearl of advice - try not to put this on directly before you go to bed.  Allow the lotion to dry thoroughly before climbing under the sheets.  Twisting and turning during the night, with still lotioned up legs doesn't produce an even tan the next morning.  Enjoy the process - don't rush it.

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