Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hi Blog - I'm back!

My poor blog - I had abandoned you for other social media distractions. It is only now I realise that you and others are but one!

What better time to rekindle my blog, but only to celebrate my Avon samples and goodies being present at the Blog Ireland Awards hosted in the Osprey Hotel last night, 13th October.

I was at home following the excitement of the awards on Twitter.  You usually hear of people having dollar signs in their eyes.  I usually have hash tags in mine! (#)

Fantastically, Sarah from Adoreabubbles, tweeted my information from the items in the Glenisk goodie bags

@adoreabubbles tweeting my information from the awards

Brilliantly, the Blog Ireland Awards hash tag of #blogfestirl is still going strong at 5:30pm on Sunday 14th October.

Glenisk bags which held my Avon information and information from other brilliant companies.
Photo  taken by  @Irishfarmerette

Join us in the Twitter world @avonfromfiona @adoreabubble @blogawardsie @irishfarmerette