Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hi Blog - I'm back!

My poor blog - I had abandoned you for other social media distractions. It is only now I realise that you and others are but one!

What better time to rekindle my blog, but only to celebrate my Avon samples and goodies being present at the Blog Ireland Awards hosted in the Osprey Hotel last night, 13th October.

I was at home following the excitement of the awards on Twitter.  You usually hear of people having dollar signs in their eyes.  I usually have hash tags in mine! (#)

Fantastically, Sarah from Adoreabubbles, tweeted my information from the items in the Glenisk goodie bags

@adoreabubbles tweeting my information from the awards

Brilliantly, the Blog Ireland Awards hash tag of #blogfestirl is still going strong at 5:30pm on Sunday 14th October.

Glenisk bags which held my Avon information and information from other brilliant companies.
Photo  taken by  @Irishfarmerette

Join us in the Twitter world @avonfromfiona @adoreabubble @blogawardsie @irishfarmerette


Sunday, November 6, 2011

My First Video Tutorial

Today I created my first Avon video tutorial.  I had so much fun making this video that my face ached from smiling when I was finished. 

I turned my first experience of making a video into a game including my son.  He talked about us "making our show".  We set up our equipment, tidied our set, assigned tasks and decided who was doing what! 

"Our equipment" - All items are supplied so that you can wrap your own gift set at ease. 
Maybe add a teddy or small gift to make the hamper more personal

I was doing the actions and he would be the camera man and directions.  On our 4th try at the video he was starting to get tired so I knew we were approaching our last attempt.  Of course when we were finished our Avon video, he wanted to have his turn infront of the camera.  Amazingly his tiredness disappeared when it came to his moment in the spot light.

My boy taking centre stage

I've selected Avon's "Wrap your own Gift Set" as my first Avon tutorial video.  You will see in the video that in under 3 minutes you can put all the items together and package and present your hamper at great ease and with little or no effort.  The hamper contains a wire basket, ribbon, papers, plastic and 8 Avon products.  The products alone are normally sold, in total, at over €35 but as a Wrap your own Gift Set is at the price of €13.  I hope you enjoy my video!  Please leave comments below on how I should progress further with my next video.  Any advice is be welcomed. 


Monday, October 10, 2011

Hygiene & Make-up

Have you ever had a skin infection and don't understand the origin? Or an inflamed eye? A fat lip? It can be caused by incorrect use of hygiene and beauty products. Good hygiene is important, even if it’s something ‘frivolous’ as make-up.
Home Good hygiene starts – of course – with yourself! Here’s what you can do at home.

  • Always wash your hands before touching your skin
    Always wash your hands before applying a cream on face and body, or before you apply make-up. So as not to forget or start the habit, apply creams and makeup near a sink. Use a disinfectant soap and dry hands with a clean towel or better yet, with paper towels to throw away immediately after use.

    Anew Age Transforming Foundation
    • Pump it up
      Never put your fingers – even if you have washed your hands – directly in the package of cream. For a more hygienic application it is better to opt for creams contained in bottles or packages with a locking system pump. Creams for ‘open air’ should always be used with a spatula that will wash appropriately after use with hot water.
    •  Always cleanse your face before you apply make-up!
      The temptation to apply a fresh layer of makeup during the day is great. Unfortunately it is not the best thing to do. During the day, dust and smog are deposited on the face. As you might imagine, is not very hygienic to put on another layer of makeup. Eliminate the remains of the makeup from the day (and the dirt that is deposited on the face).
    Avon Brushes
    • Keep clean brushes and sponges
      Cleaning your brushes and sponges regularly is important (especially those used for the lips) Use warm water and antibacterial soap. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly with plenty of water to avoid the soap irritating the skin. Also keep them in very clean containers or a cosmetic bag.

    • Do not blow on the brushes
      Do not put brushes in the mouth to moisten them (if necessary moisten with water). Do not put in the mouth to soften eyeliner (better to put it for a moment near a heater or light bulb) and do not blow on the brush to remove excess product (make-up artists drop off any excess on the back of hand).

    I posted a poll question on my facebook page recently (here) to ask peoples' methods of foundation application.  I was thrilled to see that all participants use a brush for application.  This prevents the need for hand intervention and the spread of bacteria from hand to face.

    Do you have any hygiene and make-up tips you want to share with us?  Leave a comment below and let us know more ways we can stay safe and healthy in our make-up regimes.


    Friday, September 16, 2011

    New Avon from Fiona You Tube Channel

    I've decided I'm going to start an Avon from Fiona youtube channel. When I'm doing my rounds some of customers ask me what I'd recommend from different campaigns. There are so many youtube channel's already on youtube about beauty and fashion, but this will be beauty and fashion with Avon.

    I'm kinda apprehensive about doing it, as I find it awkward talking to a camera (eek!) but I'm going to give it a go and see what sort of feedback I get!   After I do it I know I'll get both negative and positive feedback but honestly it's the positive that's worth the energy! The videos will be there for people with a general interest in fashion and stuff.

    So hopefully next week there will be a video up, I would really like if you commented here saying what kind of videos I should do or anything you want me to talk about!

    I have a channel set up at the moment, with no videos uploaded, but here it is anyways - subscribe now, so you can catch my video first!

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon products

    In order of application - #3

    Following on from my last post, Preping for a night out? - My top 5 Avon products, it's haircare time!  The 2 items mentioned in previous posts (legs and tanning) were "day-before-the-do" tasks.  Hair is "evening-of-the-event".

    I'm a hair straightener addict - I admit it!  I've often been referred to as Medusa because of my bed-head hair, so to me, my straightening iron is a must.  Before I even think of applying heat to my hair, the product I reach for is Avon's Heat Protection Styler.  This is a real smoothie, this styler seals in the cuticle and helps protect hair from styling damage. Spray it in before using stylers to leave hair smooth and shiny.

    I never used to use heat defence sprays and I straighten my hair nearly everyday, my hair started breaking and the ends were very dry and frizzy.  My hairdresser told me it was because i wasn't using heat defence.  I tried several products, even big brand names but have found Avon's the best.

    Not only does it work well with my hair but it smells gorgeous.  I use this heat protecting spray everyday before straighting my hair.  My hair looks and feels great.

    Product number 17152 - Order yours today


    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon products

    In order of application - #2

    Following on from my last post in Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon Products, the next step you must take before your night out is to "Tan-it-up".

    This is definitely an Avon product that takes an important place on my shelf.  It's Avons' Skin so Soft Ultimate Body Moisturiser with SPF 15.  It is a gradual tanning body lotion which gives a natural sunkissed glow whilst protecting your skin from sun’s harmful rays. It's your summer in a bottle.

    I love this product so much and I've used it for years without once turning orange.  If you apply this correctly it will NOT streak.  I use the shade for MEDIUM skin tones.  Having a tan and soft skin is great.  I would choose this brand over the other brands available in stores today.

    One pearl of advice - try not to put this on directly before you go to bed.  Allow the lotion to dry thoroughly before climbing under the sheets.  Twisting and turning during the night, with still lotioned up legs doesn't produce an even tan the next morning.  Enjoy the process - don't rush it.

    Product code 03723 - Order yours today,


    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Preping for a night out? - My Top 5 Avon products

    In order of application = #1

    Friday 8th July, my family and friends celebrated my brother's engagement to his now fiancee, so in the usual girly fashion I started my pamper and presentation routine on Thursday night.  Thursday night's list of "things-to-do" involved legs and limbs, tan and attire.

    With two children in bed and a days work ahead of me on Friday, I had to manage my preparation time wisely.  Out came the tube of Avon's Skin so Soft Hair removal cream for the legs.  I must admit, I haven't used this product in a long time and I'm now kicking myself for not using it more often. 

    It's easy to apply in that with full-on randomness I applied a thick coat of cream.  The instructions say to leave the product on for between two and a half to ten minutes.  So cream is on - I'm off to continue my list of things-to-do.

    With two well creamed up legs,  I pulled my carefully selected dress from the hanger and off I went to iron it lightly.  When finished with my ironing, six minutes had passed.  Time to finished the legs.  I used a washcloth and a running shower head and swiped the product off. 

    Brilliantly the hair came off with it.  I continued to remove the product and the hair continued to follow.  Some companies pay Jennifer Lopez to advertise hair removal products, I think I'll be sticking to my Avon Skin so Soft Hair Removal Cream.

    Order yours today (code 19240) email - 087/1318776 -